31 days late


So I’ve officially skipped one month. Taken endless urine tests, all were negative, I’ve taken 2 blood tests both negative, And if I did ovulate late then either there’s no chance I’m pregnant or I would know by now because I only had sex once on the 1st of may. My period was supposed to come between the 12th and the 14th of may. I’ve spoken with my doctor. She doesn’t think I’m pregnant and asked me to wait it out. But I’m so tired like I can’t help but occasionally think what if something is wrong. I’ve never missed a period and jf it was late it was late by 3 days at most. Through out this whole thing I had no pms or pregnancy symptoms. I did start having faint cramps but nothing came out of that. I see people who don’t get positive tests until months after they conceived, which is kinda scary.