Empty sac


Went in for my first scan/appt yesterday. I would be 6+6 by lmp. They could see gestational sac but no yolk sac and no fetal pole. Nothing in my tubes or symptoms or suggest ectopic. We drew hcg levels and are repeating scan in 2 weeks. My hcg came back high- >29,000 and I’m super regular AND used opks this cycle. AND I had positive pregnancy tests days before my missed period. My doctor was pretty honest that while things don’t look good and she couldn’t say one way or another yet, but I feel like with all the information so far I don’t understand how my dates could be THAT off. I guess I’m just venting because in addition to dealing with the loss I feel like I have to go through the motions when I just want to move on so I can try again (I’m 35). I also feel nauseous and sick which makes me frustrated to have to do this for another 2 weeks if the pregnancy isn’t viable. Does that make sense?