Help! Cramping since 4dpo and other symptoms

Hello. I am estimating about 11dpo. Just wanted to see if anyone has experience cramping since 4dpo (estimating). It's a warm kind of feeling with mild dull cramp. Sometimes it hurts so bad to where it bothers me at work and I would have to step aside to breathe. Cramps are off and on both sides. I feel pulling sensations every now and then as well. No sharp stabbing pains. There is this warm feeling sensation i do get in my pelvic area. It's so hard to explain my cramps and my symptoms. I have never had cramps or sensations like these before. Lately every night for the last week, i have been dreaming of my ex boyfriend, if not him, his family members. Dreams that i can remember every little detail. I feel like my dreams are mentally and physically draining my energy. Im constantly tired at work lately. My lower back has been hurting since my cramps started as well and today it was hurting really bad. I been walking funny and when I lay down, it's so hard for me to get up cuz my lower back hurts so much. Im breaking out like crazy around my lip area and my chin too. Idk what to think. Preg test are coming back negative so far. It's probably still too early for me to test.

Anyways, i was just wondering if anyone has ever had cramps lasted this long with back pain and ended up with a BFP or BFN. I know everyone is different. Just wanted to know others experience. Thanks!