Would you be sad or am I just dumb

I’m not sure if this is a reason to be sad and or I’m being a baby

I haven’t seen my boyfriend since April, since we have been in school and it was during finals and everything so it kind of went by fast. However, since it’s the summer there’s a little free time here and there. And I asked him if I can see him Thursday and he said tomorrow? Most likely not and I said really 😞😔 and he was like I’m not sure my friends want to go to the gym and tbh he goes to the gym every day and if he doesn’t he’s most likely doing something else or it’s rest day. And I asked him if he can miss one day and he’s like I can but what’s the rush and I just feel sad. I low key feel like he doesn’t want to hangout with me I was planning on seeing the new movie that came out.

Does it sound like he doesn’t want to see him? And seems like he doesn’t really care tbh