So back in November something bad happend to me I ended up feeling very dizzy felt like I had to throw up and a bad headache. I thought that maybe I felt that way because I hadn't ate anything since earlier. After I ate I had started feeling better. So here comes December and I'm a work and start feeling the same way but then I got better. Tuesday when I woke up and was getting ready to leave for work I had a bad headache felt like I had to throw up sooooo bad. After taking an Advil and through out the day I got a little better. Lately I've noticed that my appetite has increased. I've never been pregnant before but I have pcos and I know it's hard for people like me to conceive every time I think I am I'm not and it throws me off completely.... I took a test back in either September or October and it read no. So idk what all this could mean I don't want to be disappointed again....:( pcos sucks