Advice needed

Hannah • TTC #1 since January 2014
I came off the pill at the start of January (2014) and had my normal withdrawal bleed. The started TTC but 
​only had a very short, very light AF at the start of feb so assumed I didn't ovulate that month. Decided to start charting BBT in Feb to keep an eye on things and also used OPKs when my glow all told me to. BBT and OPKs both suggested I did ovulate but I had no EWCM and now AF has arrived (quite relieved to see a 'proper' AF though, which I think must be a good sign?!) Is there anything I can do to encourage EWCM this coming month? I have heard about preseed but does it work? This seems to be the missing part if the jigsaw and want to give myself the best chance this month!
​Any advice welcome! Thanks x