Single mom and feeling lonely :/

Hi everyone I'm 21 with an 11 month old lg who is perfect in everyday her dad left before I found out and is a complete waste of space even going so far as attempting to lie about dying and actually being dead so he didn't have to be daddy or anything like that.. But I'm feeling lonely now and keep feeling like I'm going to be alone forever not south as without my lg but grown up time once she's asleep that's when it sets in all my friends are in relationships and are settling down to start families and I feel upset and jelous because I don't have that I'd like  to feel loved and have the potential former children when my little girls older and I can't talk to my friends cause they just shut the conversation down and I don't have anyone to go out to meet people with on the rarity I consider going out because it always ends up cancelled because 'things come up' I love being a mom and wouldn't change anything in the world about it but I want the mommy and daddy moments and my lg to have a brother or sister or both?! But I just don't think it's gonna happen :/ I know I shouldn't feel like this and should be fine just me and my princess but I can't help it :'( not sure what I'm asking but just wanted to share in a place I won't be judged xx