Could I be pregnant?

I'm 19. Had sex using a condom on March 5, 2014, but sadly it broke. Two days later, my partner told me that the condom broke and that there was no semen in it. My last period was  approximately February 15 so I guess I was having sex on my ovulation period. On March 10, I had really bad cramps and my stomach was hurting really bad & had to leave work early, but there was no blood. And I also do not PMS. NEVER. I've had tender breast, stomachache, headaches, backaches, gained 5 pounds, cramps, & cravings. Before, I had white, cloudy discharge. Then a few days later to a week, I had brown blood/discharge starting on the day I supposed to have my period. 
​I honestly don't want a baby, but he wants it. & how do I tell my mom? And I don't have a ride to the store to get a pregnancy test & my partner is always busy with work.