Women are B#%!*s!!!!!

Manal • Soon to be a mommy of 3 under 3
I have a friend who been trying to concieve her first child for the past 8 months, she doesn't seem to understand that to have a baby you need to have sex! 
​Her mother told her to count 3 days AFTER her first positive OPK & have sex once..sigh.. 
​So me & her were talking about me TTCing now & I said ""well why don't you try to have sex everyday from the last day  of your period till after ovulation, it seems like it worked for me 3 times & got my BFP maybe you can try that for a change""
​She looked at me and said " thank you for keep rubbing it on my face that your husband blows your way & your uterus gets pregnant, thank you for being crule & insensitive towards my infertily"
​I was shocked! I didn't even mean it that way, I was trying to help her, I'm not an expert & never claimed to be and I actually would be very happy if she gets her BFP & that's all what I wish for her :-( 
​I thought maybe since my English isn't the best she understood my tone or words because well I only use the words I know (duh) & maybe they aren't very nice? (My friend is American).
​Anyways I said "I'm very sorry I didn't mean it that way, I was telling you what worked for me that's it & I didnt want you to keep wasting month after month & getting disappointed each time you get your period"
​Her reply was " well no wonder you miscarried twice already after your abortion, you don't deserve a baby & you won't get it  & God is punishing you" 
​My mouth dropped I was in total shock I can't belive she said that to me! What brought all this, where was it hidden?! 
​She knows how much I suffered after my abortion & how depressed I was! She knows that I thought about ending my life & was seeing a therapist, she knows that till this day I can't get over what happend, she knows that my life have changed forever & that I can never truly be happy again, she sees the sadness in my eyes till this day, she knows how much I regret it & how I will NEVER get over it! I'm paying for it emotionally every day & it kills me inside :-( 
​I never thought she thought of me this way when she knows that I had no choice at that time & she always showed sympathy and been with me through it all, she even cried with me.
​I couldn't say anything back,I knew I would start crying and I didn't want her to see that, she was smiling seeing me in pain after her words! She said I got under your skin didn't i? There was another woman there who isn't my friend but I see her sometimes & she said "OMG REALLY U HAD AN ABORTION" & she started shaking her head & looking at me in disgust! I couldn't take that anymore so I just got up & left.
​What did I say to deserve such words from her& why would she hurt me intentionally with the only subject on this world that affects me deeply :-(
​& actually bring it up in front of others publicly this way!  
​Why women like to see other women unhappy! I don't understand what brought all this & never will,why she was double faced with me & acted all sad each time I told her I'm having a miscarriage when she actually thought I deserved it :-(