Thoughts? Sorry it's long

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Hey ladies, so I need some opinions on what u think this could be. Sorry if it's long! So according to glow I O between the 16-17 so todY I would be 9dpo. Ive been having head aches and dizzy. On Saturday evening I had sharp lower abdominal pain for maybe 30 sec. Sunday night I got the same pain and last night (Monday) I had it again but like 15 sec. Today I notice a lot of egg white stretchy cm. I thought you only have that when you O. and if you pregnant it's more of a milky lotion? I just went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was a fair amount of brown blood some where stretchy. It scared me... I thought af was coming really early. But I'm usually dry before af. I wiped again Nd there's noting. So now I'm sitting here like wth am I just now Ovulating Nd all that is from O. Or can it be all from implantation.. I talked to my older sister and she said it sounds like I could be having miscarriage.. But I'm not in any pain today and there's no bleeding besides that wipe. So my question is what would u think it can be from?