Cycle 5 TTC, 1st with soy

Jaci • Baby #1 EDD Oct 16/15!!
Hi all, I have read a ton about soy Isoflavones on other TTC sites so I figured I would start one here!
DH and I have been TTC for about 5-6 months now. I didn't get AF for about 3 months (feb-may) but ahe finally showed up in June. Still no luck getting a BFP and DH works out of town 21 days of the month, home for 10.  I usually O a week or later after he goes back to work so it's really difficult. I am trying soy Iso this cycle, on days 1-5. I'm taking 100mg CDdays 1&2, 150 mg CDdays 3&4 and 200 mg on CD 5. I am hoping this will make me O a few days sooner then usual. DH goes back to work on CD10 so if we BD everyday from 5-10 hopefully some will survive and catch an early (fingers crossed) egg!! 
​Anyone try soy iso before or interested please join!!