Future Pregnancy Problems


So...Im not trying to conceive, but I do want kids in the future. But I worry that I may not be able to conceive or successfully carry due to some health problems. Including these following:

-Back in 2011, I had a Tylenol Overdose. Im Not going to go into detail as to why, but I wasnt able to get pumped out and my liver was failing. But they used something in my IV that stopped it from failing. But I was told that i could possibly be in my 40s by the time it's recovered. Im 20. It doesn't help either that I drank alot in my past either.

-I have terrible teeth. I've heard this can affect pregnancy.

-I have had alot of bladder infections since I was about 14.

-This is really a bad thing because of my age and the fact I haven't been protecting myself, but I have rarely ever used any birth control method. My vagina is really sensitive to things and it certainly didn't like condoms. I tried the pill, but it always made me feel sick. And I still feel like I'm suffering from them because I believe they are the cause of my hot flashes. Tried the shot, but it made me gain 30 pounds and turned me into a whole another person... and that wasnt a good person. Well...The majority of my sexual partners used the pull out method. But there were a several that we both thought we were in love (you know how teenagers are) and we were crazy and dumb enough to try to conceive. But I've tried several times and never got pregnant. And I never understood why, but now that I've read a little bit more about female problems, I've realized that I have alot of them that can highly lower my chances of pregnancy.

I know. I'm only 20. But Ive always wanted to have a child. They are blessings. But they come with responsibilities that I couldn't handle right now. Mainly speaking financially. But that still doesn't change my mind about the future. So here's my questions. What other health problems can mess with the chances of getting pregnant? And should I Not try to have a child at all in general? I honestly don't know if I could handle having a miscarriage. I know I probably sound stupid but...I don't have anyone else to talk to about this.