Feel Alone

After my life turned up side down when i got diagnosed social anxiety and depression in a age of 18 People started to turn away from me... I got also diagnosed endometriosis in 2008 and lived with a lot of pain and hospital visits, have had 8 surgeries so far. More People turned the back on me and left... I struggled with some other painfull situation (i did not know of at the time) i lived with a gallbladder with huge Stones in for 7 years and all the doctors told me it was the endometriosis. I was in pain 24/7 and my friends was annoyed about me complain to them and that i never had the energy to do anything. ? In 2012 they found out i had ovary cancer (starter stage) but i was one of the lucky once to get all of it removed under surgery.. In 2013 i demanded a check up for The other pain and it turned out i needed to remove my gallbladder. I had the surgery in nov and i felt so good after i have No words! Now i have to live on a green and healty diet. I will have lots of gas and pain and even nausea but it is better. Have lived in pain and fear for som long NOW it has ruined my life! I Just got out of a 14 years long relationship and now i Just sit here alone in the big apartment no one calls or visit i feel cursed! I lived through all of this Just to be alone??!! *sad*