Fertile week 9/18-9/24 ladies!!!!!

Massy • Mommy of preemie twins born at 29 weeks with IVF fresh transfer
Hello ladies, come on let's do this support group where we can go through this fertile week journey together ????????? 
​I think is good to have hopes and faith in something that we really want, our little bundle of joy ??????????????????
​First I would like to say that I wish us all the best of luck, many blessings and baby dust to us all ???????????? 
​Let's talk about what we are doing differently this month to try more and keep each other updated....
​I will start off by stating that I have been using <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android">Glow App</a> for about a month only, so far I love it ❤️ I learned about preseed on this app and decided to purchase it for this cycle, today was my first day using it.
​I have used opk's before but never really knew how to use it properly. Last month I did a bit better with them but gave up too soon and didn't finish using it close to my ovulation date. So never really knew if I ovulated or not. I plan to start using them tomorrow again. Hope I can use it correctly this cycle.
​According to Glow my most fertile days are Saturday and Sunday so plan to do a lot of bd (sorry if tmi) lol
​I would also like to share a little bit about my history because I hardly speak to anyone about it and here I feel that is a great place to let it out. ???????
​On 2008, at the age of 19 I decided to marry my husband. I ended up pregnant right after our honeymoon. At the time he was still living in another country, so I had to return to NY alone. Here is where I found out I was pregnant and YES I panicked ???? I only had planned to marry and keep on with my plans, which were to enroll in college, complete my degree. My husband to finally be by my side here in NY and work for a secure future. So I was here in this clinic in NY all alone, my family also lived out of NY. At age 19, without my husband by my side and not even knowing when he could be. Without a stable job, I just felt that the world was falling on me, especially that I was the type of girl that would always say in High School that I would not want to bring my child to this world before I felt mentally prepared. Well guess what? Mentally prepared was the least I was at the age of 19. ?
​I felt so sad and decided to call my husband and tell him the news, but I also gave him options. I told him I wasn't ready so the best thing to do was abort. He answered that I should do what I think was best for me ( that answer didn't help much but I don't blame him because he was also 19 and lived across the county ) ?????????????? TILL THIS DAY I REGRET IT COMPLETELY!!!!!! During the same time my older sister was getting one too and she told me everything would be fine ??. I was so confused but I just went with it because of all the above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ?
​What really hurts me and depresses me is that now with the knowledge I have and the experience I don't feel like I did the right thing and I ask god for forgiveness every single day.
​It was my first child and I just felt like i was not stable enough To have it. But Now looking at all the young girls that have had babies and they have still moved forward makes me think so much in that abortion and about what my life would have been like with my baby. ???????
​Now that I really want a baby, it seems close to impossible. My husband moved to NY since 2010 and since that year we have been having unprotected sex and nothing. I was always busy working hard and being a full time student in college that I really did not pay much mind to it.
​Now in 2014, I finally graduated from college and decided that what better time than now to really start trying to get pregnant. Well we are in September and no luck yet. I am really depressed and very stressed. I decided to seek medical advise. 
​So far I have gotten a ultrasound and bloodwork, everything seems normal. My husband just got done a semen analysis a week ago and everything seems normal. Now I have scheduled a consultation for a fertility doctor to get an HSG done to check my Fallopian tubes but they did not have any appts sooner than October 7th ??????? like why???!!! The nerves are killing me, I am close to desperate to know if anything is wrong! 
​Well like I have to wait, I decided to still give it a try for this cycle and start using pre-seed. We never know what could happen and I hope for a miracle. I just hope that if it's not my month and when I go to get my HSG, I can still have possibilities to be a mom one day!  ????????
​I pray every night and I will pray for everyone else. ????????
​Good luck ladies and hope to hear your stories too!!!!!!!! ?????
​Lots of baby dust to all ???????????????????
​Between I forgot to mention I am already 26 yrs old. ? 
​I know it's long ladies but I really needed to let it all out, I promise you are the first ones to know exactly how I really feel, already I am feeling a bit better to have let it out.
​Life lesson I learned: the timing is not always right. ?????????