Makes me feel ugly

I've been with my bf for almost 4 years now . We've had a lot of issues in the past but I can say that now we are in a fairly good place. There's one thing that is in my head all the time though. He never posts pictures of us on his instagram anymore. He stopped doing it like a year ago . And even when he would post a picture of us , it was like once in a while. In total he only has like 3 pictures of us on there. He doesn't even have me on his bio. This makes me feel sad . He's post pictures of other girls but that only happened once. I feel like I'm not worthy enough for him to show off . He's also always likeing other girls pictures even after I told him that I didn't like that, because it's really disrespectful to me. I've asked why he doesn't post any pictures but he just said "I don't know" . I need some advice. Does this happen to any one ? How would you handle this ? I want to tell him how I feel but he's called me a "little girl" because I cry in front of him. I never cry in front of anyone because I've always been teased. Then I thought that I could open up to him about how I feel and that's what he calls me a cry baby . So I don't like to show my emotions in front of him anymore. Please help me. This is making me really sad and self conscious.