Feeling crazy with withdrawal method!

Teeny • Mom of one, stepmom of one, and expecting our third boy 1/31/16 👶🏼
I have been actively TTC before so I'm familiar with the "2 week wait" anxiety but choosing the WD method for birth control has changed the meaning.
​My boyfriend and I are using the withdrawal  method for birth control because I have never had a good hormonal method, I suck at taking pills, and he hates condoms so it's really the only thing that has a chance at working for us, lol. He's very good at it with only 2 slip ups and we're not totally terrified of having more children, we just don't really want anymore right now.
​But it DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! The app is really awesome and stopping some of my craziness but every month I buy tests and use them for 5 days before my period starts- just to be sure and on top of things. I feel like a crazy person.
​I'm not asking for alternatives to the WD method, just wondering if anyone else has found themselves doing this crap... So maybe I can feel less crazy, lol!