Wicca and Christianity

So I have noticed there are a fair amount of Wiccans here. It is a very interesting religion to me and I plan to research it more. I feel like I may want to become a Wiccan at some point, should I be pleased with my research. I am a Christian though, and I do believe in God and always will. I'm pretty sure the two religions counter each other a bit so idk that being a Christian Wiccan is a possible thing. Nonetheless it is quite intriguing to me and I'm sure I'm not the only one facing this conflicting religious interest. In fact I also really like the philosophy of Buddhism. I think it is a great, very positive religion...umm can I just make up my own Christian-Wiccan-Buddhist religion? Lol.
​Anyways, I'm not sure of the exact purpose of this post. I guess I'd like to know if anyone else has/does face a similar internal conflict? And about some of the different practices of the various religions that populate Glow. I'm intrigued. ?