Need advice!!

Amanda • Love life!! I am 22 year old my husband is 23; been together for 7 years and married 3!! Can`t wait to start a family!!
I ended up spotting a week and three days before my actual period. I spotted two days then went to a light/medium  flow then went back to spotting, then stop for majority of Friday night and Saturday morning. Later Saturday in the evening went back to light/medium flow for like maybe an hour then it stopped all together.. Now that the dates for my actual period are here, I have started spotting but today I noticed that I'm spotting again but brown.. Not sure what to think... Took a preg test Saturday morning but was negative and lately iv been feeling little sick. Also when I did start spotting the week before my period I wasn't bloated like I normally am for my periods, and at the end if the week I felt more bloated then when I started spotting.. I would like some opinions on this? 
​O and my periods are always normal..