Calling all ttc with hypothyroidism!!

I am on cycle 3 of ttc with baby #2 and I have hypothyroidism. I am not sure if I had hypothyroidism while ttc with baby #1 or not because I wasn't diagnosed with it until I was 5 weeks pregnant with him. 
​I would like to create a support group of sorts with all of you other ttc mom as! It would be interesting for me to see how long it takes all of you hypo moms to conceive. We got pregnant on the 3rd cycle with my son so we are hoping to get our bfp this month (the 3rd month ttc) as well. 
​As far as symptoms go with the hypo thryroidism:
​I am pretty tired and forgetful. I have extremely thin hair and I think I lose more hair than average. Last blood draw I had down about 8 weeks ago my tsh was 2.8 with being on 50 mcg of levothyroxine. 
​I hope there are others who are going through this and would like to keep up with each other!