Ladies.. Please help me. I'm 16 and need advice

I have been dating my boyfriend for about 6-7 months. We have known eachother for over two years and have always loved something  about eachother. So we decided to date. 
​Not too far into the relationship we became sexually active. It was our choice and we knew the risks involved. We used protection and somehow managed to get pregnant. I had realized AF was late and so today I went and bought a test with my bf. It came back positive. Within seconds the second line was so clearly visible that I knew it had to be true. 
​I knew the risks involved with having sex. I guess I was/am just a naive teenager and thought "oh that will never happen to me" well, it did. 
​Ladies. Right now advice would mean so much to me. I'm scared and worried. I have no idea whats ahead. 
​Any decision I make with this my s/o compelety stands by. 
​I just don't know what to do.
​Abortion crossed my mind at one point, even though I have grown up disapproving of it and being in a Christian family, that's how my parents view things. (Who I haven't told yet)
​Ladies.. Please. Help me