Pap Smears & TTC

Angela • 💍 Married 10-11-12! 👫TTC since 11/2013. 💉 IVF #1: 6/2016, miscarried 7/2016. 💉 IVF #2: 8/2017, miscarried 10/2017. 🌈 FET #1: 4/2018, Rowan Amelia born 12/16/18
I thought getting my annual while we TTC was ok. However, for the first time in my history of annuals, I've had to reschedule twice.
​I went in August and it was 9 days prior to my period. During pap, I started bleeding so Dr stopped & I rescheduled for today. My period is due in 7 days. During pap I began to bleed again. So once again, we stopped. My husband is so worried we've hurt a potential baby in the works. I wasn't, but having to reschedule again, frustrated & concerns me. Dr seemed ok, knows we're TTC (at least I told her last month). Thoughts? Advice?