It's homecoming season!!!!

Alright my homecoming is coming up SOON. October 11th to be exact. I'm trying to figure out how much I should spend. I'm a freshman this year! I don't want to spend too much though. I don't even have my dress! I don't know where to get it. We have this shop that has really extravagant dresses (I'll include a couple pictures of what I was thinking) I have blonde hair, hazel eyes, I'm 5'0" so I wanted a short dress. I don't know what color I should go with for my dress. I also may be going with a guy friend but I don't know how to have him get me a corsage or if I should. I also don't know how to talk to my other friend a girl about where to take pictures and what not. Any picture ideas. I wanted to get my eyebrows waxed, my hair done (I'll include pictures but i may need to get my roots done im a natural brunette),my makeup done, and possibly new shoes depending on the dress.