Wth is wrong with me ?!

So Friday me and my boyfriend had a movie night and that's when I'll go all the way to his house on Friday night and we watch movies eat Chinese food and drink and smoke and probably have sex . OK so me and my boyfriend have sex a lot and we never use condoms. I know , I know its stupid. Especially since were young and we don't want no kids. Yep so it hit me when my cousin gotten pregnant at the age of 19 and so did my bestfriend . now I came to him and said baby let's start using protection he got mad and said your mine and I'm yours we don't need no fucking protection... So I said ha you not getting no pum pum ... Unless you buy a box of condoms. Alright at first I was going strong but he jus makes me feel so good that my body jus caves in ... What do I do ??? Help!! Btw I don't take birth control cause it makes me gain weight and have terrible migraines!!!