Baby shower suggestions

Sheena • I`m sheena, 27yrs. recently married to my wonderful husband 5/5/14. Excited to start this next chapter in my life.
Ok so my mom wants to throw me a baby shower. I am so happy that she offered! I only have to concerns. 1 she wants to have the baby shower at a place called creatively fired. It's a pottey paint place, you go and buy a ceramic item that you want to paint.i have not been to a lot of showers but I never been to one a pottey place. I just think it sounds silly. Issue nber 2 is the time of when she wants to have the shower. She wants to throw it like a week before christmas or the week after. Only because we have family that comes in from outa town. Which I get but the few friends that I have that don't live in our town probably won't be able to make it only because of the holidays. When my mother heard that I wasn't set on her idea her feelings got hurt. And she got mad. I told her id check out the pottery place but I just think it's dumb. It's such a busy time of year money may be short for certain people they would already be spending money on baby gifts then they would have to spend money on pottery stuff. I don't know. Any suggestions? How would you girls handle this?