Frustrated & Depressed!!

So Ive been TTC for almost 2yrs now and when my S.O and I finally got tht Bfp, I ended up MC'ing in July :( we've waited 2 cycles after to start up again and both of my AF (Aug & Sept) were right on, we baby danced after the cycle in Sept & I was scheduled to start Sept 29th, well here I am 7 days late and pulling nothing but BFN's! What really confuses me is, on one of the tracker apps I use, deleted my fertile time last month when I took off my AF tht was supposed to start Sept 29th! LIKE WTH?! I've used expensive & cheap preg tests ($1 ones have worked for me better Thn expensive) but no matter what kind I use, still a BFN! I have all kinds of early symptoms. I jus dnt get it! Sorry for the ranting, jus very depressing....its like I get back on regular cycles jus too be weird again! The last time I tested was Saturday, at 5 days maybe I wait another week? I dunno anymore....sorry for the complaining n ranting, jus need to get it off my chest!