How would you describe love..?

Dureen • Here to track my periods and save my good underwear.
I was asked when i was young how i would describe love, i didnt know.  But now i am where i am, i know hiw id describe it.  Im a poet abd love poetry, so obviously ny answer is in the form of a poem.
​What is love?
​Love is an essential thing,
​its when yiu want to tie a string
​To the one you never want to let go, 
​The one you will be with through high and low.
​Love is slow, love is fast.
​It makes us forget about the past.
​When we build the future with our lover,
​When we are sure there is no other.
​Love is when you want to be by their side,
​Forever and ever to be their guide.
​-  Dureen Bolton
​(I wrote it when i was 13) 
​How would you describe love..?