16 year old and not quite sure?

It's going to be long so hold on to your hoola hoops. My mom hasn't quite told me what's supposed to be normal about my body parts. sometimes we get into the topic when I pry but it's never exact so I have a few questions? What should my vagina look like exactly? She it be red or pink or pale? Should I have white discharge inside of it every now and then? What about shaving? I feel sort of dirty down their and want to shave but I use Nare on my legs because I have a fear of razors so I can't shave since I don't have a razor and I don't think you can Bare your pubic hair. Bringing up that how much of it should you get rid of? All of it? How would you without cutting yourself? Also how should you clean down their? I don't want to ask my mama, and I don't know who to ask. So could anyone help? It would be really awesome because I'm sort of freaked out and not confident about my body because of it.