pregnant or hormones...

samantha • trying for my first baby!! really anxious lol
ok here's the deal:
​I use to be on depo formless than a year. my next shot should have been in the beginning of May but my husband and I have started to talk about trying for a family so I've been off of all birth control and no condoms. after I stopped bc I had some spotting and I had probably a regular period in June or close to July( 6 days medium flow) shortly after that I spotted for a couple weeks (light enough for liners not pads). it's been a little over a month since I've had any spotting or any period at all. I've been moody, irritable, I've had some nauseated days, head aches, I've been eating a lot, my most recent symptom which I has been gettin worse for the past couple weeks is my boobs. they are getting bigger and are really really sore. I haven't had them this sore since I started puberty. my friend Tina had a son shortly after being off depo and she never and still hasn't had a normal period nor flow. i have taken at home preg tests and they come back negative. I've started taking prenatals probably two weeks ago so I'm not sure if that would make my boobs grow or if I'm just getting fat or if I'm pregnant and that I may need blood work to tell me. I would say it's the depo working it's way out but I haven't read or known anyone to have all the same symptoms of pregnant ones. any advice please!? oh and would a family planning so blood work or a regular gyno