7 weeks, 3 days..

Breannia • Mama. Fiance. Expecting #3.. My rainbow baby.. :)
Ive always been so crazy when it came to my tracking.. I thought the calendar said my LMP was august 25th.. i went back today to count how many days pregnant I was and it said the 22nd.. lol I know its just three days.. but that is three days closer to meeting my pumpkin and im so excited. :) first ultrasound tomorrow. Ahhh. How are you other mamas feeling?? Especially ones in week seven? My first I felt like perfection. No nausea. No sore boobs. My boobs have grown 2 sizes with this one.. NO JOKE & are very painful. Im sick all the time. And the doctor said im developing ashma. (Spelling sorry) I cant ever breathe.. blah. But its all worth it :) especially when I have a wonderful fiance to be there & an amazing almost 4 year old taking care of me all the time. Hes so excited to be a big brother.. hopefully the reverse symptoms mean a girl ;)