My niece and her curious mind.

So my niece likes to play on my phone when she is in town because I have "All the fun games!" But the last time she was intown (until now) was last christmas. And since then I have gained this app, my period tracker. Keep in mind she is only 5 years old.
​So she goes to open this app and goes "Auntie, what it this game?" Horrafied I tried to come up with a quick answer so I said "That is what Auntie and other older ladys uses too keep track of somethingns, it isn't a game." She nods, not understanding just what I am keeping track of. The questions continue with: "So why doesn't Mommy have this app?" Again, thinkjng of a quick reply I say: "Because your Mommy doesn't need to be reminded, your Mommy is so smart that she can just remember things." (Her Mommy is pregnant so it wasn't compleatly liying exactly) "Ohhh okay. So this app is just for older girls." I nod and she asks one last question. "So what app to boys get to help them remember these things? I think Daddy needs it."
​Lets just say I about peed my pants and this was the best night ever.