First miscarriage, 9 weeks UPDATE

Mirshmir🐡 • Living in the red, white but NEVER blue! DS born December 12, 2015. 💙
I posted a topic last week about my miscarriage and just wanted to do an update. I have been trying to find some good resources online about how it feels and what happens, but haven't found very many. 
Started bleeding on Sunday. The cramps really kicked in Monday night. The came and went, and I was so confused I had no idea what was happening. My doctor told me I would have cramps, so I expected a constant uncomfortable feeling, not this. 
​The next morning (Tuesday) it still felt bad, but it was really kicked up a notch at about 8:30pm. I was crying they hurt so bad. So we went to the emergency room. I was told that if the pain was severe, it could mean something bad. On our way there, I felt a gush of fluid, and new I had to find a bathroom. I hadn't really been bleeding all that bad until then. I bled more in the next few hours that I had since this miscarriage was diagnosed. 
​We finally got admitted at about 10pm and waited in a agony for the doctor to come and talk to me. After talking to them, and soaking through 3 overnight maxi pads in the few hours I was there, they decided to put me on a morphine drip to take the edge off. 
​They then carted me into an ultrasound room, thank god the guy was still there and could do one. He said he saw the evidence of what was a very early pregnancy and was surprised it took this long for my body to finally kick it out (so to speak) they were worried that it could cause infection, so they prescribed me misoprostol to speed things along. After a very long night (got home at 5am) I went to bed. 
​The next morning, I had breakfast in preparation for taking the misoprostol (since you have to take it with food). Afterward I went to the bathroom, and felt something fall out of me. It was squishy and rather large. I didn't expect it to be as big as it was. Almost the size of a medium chicken egg. I called my doctor, explained what happened and he said that it sounds like I passed my baby, and I didn't have to take the meds! Yay! 
​I was very nervous about the meds, since the pain last night was horrendous. I can only expect that that was what early labour contractions feels like. I can only explain them as the worst Charlie-horse you've ever had. You know when you wake up and your leg muscles cramp up and hurts? Like that. But worse. And in your uterus. 
I'm not trying to scare anyone, as everyone's experience is different. I am only relaying my personal experience. 
​I am very glad this is over. I am still bleeding, but it's super light and noore cramps. 
​Time to try again! 
​Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.  If anyone has questions about my experience, ask away. No question is taboo, you probably can't offend me. Lol