Need advice!!!

I meet this guy by my friend 3 years ago we started talking. We would hangout mostly every weekend to go out and party so anyways long story short maybe 8 months later we started having sex so you could say we started being friends with benefits so anyways he would treat me like if I was his gf he would tell all his friends I was Well i started catching feelings for him I could honestly say I love him he makes me feel so special no guy has ever made me feel that way but recently he has been actting like he doesn't care and its killing me its been 3 months the last time I seen him it went from seeing him every weekend to only seeing him 2 to 3 times a month. He called me a month ago saying he was going to be out of town for two months but that he was going to be calling me he hasn't called every since I honestly Dont know if I should wait or just move on?