Psychic predicting pregnancy?

I know a lot of people don't believe in this kind of stuff so if you don't that's fine, but for those that do has this ever happened? Like 4 or 5 months ago I saw a psychic that I had never been to or seen before and she was pretty spot on and then at the end she said she saw my getting pregnant within the next 6 months. I kind of laughed it off until my sister went to a psychic my parents have been going to for years and has always gotten things right. When my sister asked about me she layed out tarot cards about me and they were all about fertility, pregnancy, birth, and a son. She said if I'm not pregnant right now I will be very soon. My mom went in next and shuffled the deck herself several times and when she asked about me the SAME cards came up. Tarot cards have decks of up to 100 cards or more so if it was a coincidence it was a pretty big one. Anyone else been to a credible psychic or medium and been told you'd get pregnant soon, and then did?