What should I do

I really don't know what to do I am 19 have an awesome job a 4 bedroom house and a 3 year old that I take care of all by myself I have a boyfriend of 6 months that I truly care about and love but he is 25 and a full time student to be a mechanical engineer which he has 3 more years left of collage he works part time and lives with his parents it's really hard for me because I want a man that could take care of me or even help out he stays at my house about 3/4 times a week he has never helped with any bills and when we go out 50% of the time I pay or we just go in half and half... I really love him and he says he loves me but are we just in two different life's... I know I'm only 19 but I have my life together and I am actually ready for marriage and having another child. What should I do?