Acne between breasts

I have large breasts and have since high school. I have a small waist but huge boobies -_-   was D then DD now F because of weight gain. Back when I was D and DD I would sweat a lot between my breasts and would always have a musty smell. It was especially embarrassing during sex as guys like to lick kiss or put their face between your breasts. This is sooo embarrassing but during sex he licked all over my breasts and in between then kissed me and I could taste the mustiness like it licked an armpit ?. He was sweet and didn't day anything but never went there again. Anyway now that they're a bit. Igger I've been getting bad acne between them. Sometimes a sore little pimple and sometimes small puss filled bumps. I wash there daily and I've tried deodorants, baby powder and cheap acne creams but nothing really helped. I was wondering if any other big breasted women had this issue and what you do or did to prevent it. Please help! Thanks