Pixie Cut Drama ?

Katie • Wife. Sister. Cat lover.
Ok, I'm extremely irritated right now. 
Here's the story:
I've had short hair for 6 years now. The blonde in my picture is a wig. I was letting my top grow out and keeping my sides short. But since I'm bored with it and it's somewhat damaged, Im planning on getting it cut into more of a short pixie with longer side bangs again. 
My husband cut my sides for me one day about a month ago at my inlaws house and my brother in laws girlfriend was over. (She's not into makeup and has long/medium length hair.) I remember her staring at me kinda weird, but I knew she wasn't a fan of short hair or heavy eye makeup or makeup in general like I am so I didn't think much of it.
Anyway, I was on Pinterest today pinning some cute pixie haircut ideas since I'm getting it cut next week, and I saw she had repinned the same pins I was pinning. She also made a board just for makeup, which she doesn't wear makeup.
Then, I saw where she posted a picture of her new pixie cut, very similar to one I pinned. My sister has helped talk me through this for the most part, but I really needed to vent because I know my husband won't really understand why it's a big issue to me. It's just irritating because I've had this look for years and then someone who says they don't like the look, decides to get the look.. Anyway here's what my real hair looks like if anyone's interested.