K • Married, mother of 4 and pup

Ok I'm a stay at home mother of four. I have a husband who of late has REALLY REALLY REALLY got me upset!!!!! I've expressed how he could lose his job, and lose me and our kids!!! And yet he doesn't seem to care a rat's tail about any of it!!!

About a month ago, he called me asking if it would be alright if one of his employees came and stayed for a week or twk. I told him he was risking his job, but if it ment keeping kids off the street I could deal with it. Or so I thought.

Two weeks ago she and her four kids go ahead and "move" in. Everything seemed alright (considering she's got four boys and boys can be very wild). And then her younger two boys get something called "mouth, hand, and foot." (It's some virus that just has to run its course)

Skip to the end of the week... (this past Saturday)

She says she's gonna take her kids to her brother's for the day...Ok no problem. She takes MY vehicle since it's big enough to hold four kids +. Then Saturday night instead of texting me or calling me, she calls my husband and asks him if it would be alright to stay the night. Does he ask me? No does he tell me? No

And now it's been almost a week and she was supposed to return Wednesday. Does she? F**k no. She calls my husband again and let's him know that she's not feeling too well and wants to stay another night. I have a parent/teacher conference Thursday morning that I had told him about Tuesday when I found out.

Well I find out that she's not gonna come back til Thursday night. Ok I bite my tongue. She FINALLY gets in touch with me Friday and says that she has some kind of stomach flu and doesn't want to give it to my kids. And then she says that my husband asked if her two older boys wanted to come over for the weekend. Have I gotten anything from my husband?!?!?!?! HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I'm about to explode in my f**king MIND!!!!!!!!!!! Not only have I been stranded for a week, but I need stuff from town and don't like driving at night. Plus, I feel like the two of them have been planing this sh*t and I fell right into their f**king trap!!!!!

I know I have every right to be as "MAD" as I am, but does he give a f**k?!?!?!? APPARENTLY NOT!!!!!!!

If I had the money to leave right NOW you bet your bottom dollar I would!!!!!!!!

Ok I think I've calmed down as much as I'm going to!! Yall can comment now! Love y'all!!!!!!