IUI or Baby Dance - Clomid Cycle

Mandy • 29 years old - Married October 2013 - Mom of Baby Girl Dec 2015 😊 Expecting Baby Boy April 2018 ☺️
Husband and I had our follicle check and post coital today. Follicle was 1.72, estradiol was 137 and progesterone was .3. Going back in tmw for trigger shot; however, the post coital showed all dead sperm. The nurse told us it was probably due to the clomid making my CM environment harsh. We were given the option of doing IUI this cycle due to the test results but insurance doesn't cover the procedure. That being said we are looking at $400 plus meds and lab fees. What would you ladies do? Would you go ahead and do the IUI or still attempt to baby dance one more cycle?

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