Hormones had me like ???

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Tomorrow is a rare instance where DH and I both work early. To save everyone a lot of grief, we decided to let 3 yr old DS spend the night at my MIL's place. He's never slept out before, but it's something we've discussed doing and it's never bothered me before. (DS is very independent and loves my MIL and the kids at her place. He won't be missing us too much!) Tonight, however, did not go the way I envisioned. As soon as we pulled into the drive I was crying. Full on, snot streaming, Kim Kardashian-style, ugly crying. (Which is something I never do. I'm so not a "cryer".)  DS was asleep and DH said "we'll just take him home." But everyone would suffer if we brought him over at 5am. He'd never go back to sleep and neither would they! I was very strong, said goodbye to my sleeping angel and let DH take him inside. (I didn't want my crying to wake the other kids.) 
TL; DR- Today I did something that made me incredibly sad because it was best for my little man and hormones are not the boss of me. Proud mommy moment.
Thanks for reading. Can't share with anyone else because they'd figure out I'm prego if they knew how much I cried!