Friends or More?

I met a guy at my friend's grad party a couple of years ago. We instantly hit it off and dominated in corn hole matches! We sat and talked together before the party was over and he invited me to HIS grad party, which was the next day! I went and he paid attention to me the whole time! We talked for hours! The rest of the summer we hung out a few times; going on bike rides, watching movies, playing video games. We even wrote letters to each other when we went off to different colleges. Well. Last year he got his first girlfriend on campus and we fell out of communication for a bit. When summer came he contacted me and we hung out a couple times, but when school started again I didn't hear from him. Then I saw on Facebook recently that he broke up with his girlfriend and a week later he began texting me again, but more texts than ever before! We skyped and are planning to hang out during Thanksgiving break! He has never made a move or anything... But is it possible he likes me?