Great advice

I spoke with my sister in law this weekend. She told me that it took her and her husband 14 months to get pregnant. .. she obsessed over it, picking out clothes, looking at stuff to get for the baby... sex became a chore and her relationship starting to struggle a bit. They went into a fertility client thinking that's the way they would get pregnant. When the lady called back about initial blood work..she found out she was pregnant . The 14th month worked! She said that she didn't stress out that month, she didn't keep track of ovulation or temps..she got rid of her app on her phone and walked away from everything baby. They didn't have any stress during that month she became pregnant. She doesn't even know when they had sex. Lol.. this is a lesson learned for me. We are at 4 months trying and yes it can be a struggle at times. But now we are enjoying each other. Once you have the baby, your focus will be on that baby. So, if you have relationship issues...please work on them beforehand. And enjoy baby making.