Is pregnancy a possibility?!

I have been trying to conceive for a little over 7months now, but it's hard due to my partner working away & only being able to be together on weekends & holidays.
We had unprotected sex on 9/8, 16/9, 20/9 then that next morning about 5am I got my period for a week then had sex again on the 27/9 & 23/10 then had spotting from the 24/10 until the night of 26/10 & for the last month give or take I have felt strange, I feel butterflies in my low abdomen/pelvic area especially laying on my back & that area has become solid, tired constantly- I could sleep all day if I could, nauseous as hell Mostly between mid morning to mid afternoon, I have been getting daily headaches some days more then one, dizziness, light headed, I only ever use to sleep in my stomach & now I can only be comfortable on my back or side, light cramping in the abdomen area, & down one leg & pinza neddles everyday, back pains a lot (mostly faint ones), all I want is chocolate & apple juice and I'm relitively heathy. Only eat health and work out a minimum of 30 minutes a day (although I am a larger girl), & now I'm realising I have 3 new red itchy stretch marks on my stomach around the height of my belly button. 
Just wondering if any of these can be pregnacy symptoms & if it's a possibity especially with the bleeding? & if anyone else has experienced this and pound out it was something else? Because I just don't feel myself. I have suspected I am pregnant, but haven't wanted to get too ahead of myself & don't have anyone (female) to speak to about it.