Relationship venting (lengthy, sorry)

I've been in a relationship for almost a year. We've done so much together and have discussed marriage and children. Everything was like a fairytale. Now, further into the relationship, we've uncovered some differences. For example, when we first started dating he was a smoker but was in the process of quitting, and he did not even two months into the relationship cold turkey. Now, he smokes again because he said it didn't do any good and that we started arguing a lot after he quit. His drinking also concerns me at times but I'm not sure if it should or not (6-10 beers a day?) however if I bring up my disapproval of these things he gets very upset and says I don't love him for who he is. Our sex life has definitely changed also, he used to want it constantly and now I'm the one always asking him. I just feel so unwanted and like I have to cave on the things I don't agree with simply because I know how amazing he is other than these things. He would do anything for me and I feel like I'm asking too much. Should I really feel this way? Have you made sacrifices in your marriage/relationship for your SO?