Did anyone ovulate late after coming off the pill?

Marissa • 26. Mommy to 2 toddlers ages 1 & 2. Expecting #3 in December 2015 :)
My 8 week scan left me with a ton of questions that I've been scouring the web over, but I'm wondering if anyone here has any input. 
Instead of seeing the baby and the heartbeat, she could see just the yolk sac and said I was only measuring at 6 weeks. She told me not to worry, that the baby was probably just too small to see, and that I could have just ovulated late. She said she might have saw a flicker of movement, but didn't want to say for sure. I have another more in depth scan on Tuesday, but until then I'm going a little crazy wondering what's going on with my baby. 
Has anyone had a similar experience? I've never ovulated late before, but I had never taken birth control before last summer so I don't know what effect that may have had on my cycle. Any input is greatly appreciated!