Ruined anniversary

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So I posted a couple days ago for ideas on anniversary ideas for a poor girl, I liked them! Unfortunately, my anniversary was so shitty. ? I thought my girlfriend would be romantic and plan something special, even though we have no money at all. But she didn't. Half the day she did her own thing, and then I found out there was a haunted house nearby and it was free but she refused to go because she's "too old for Halloween stuff and doesn't like haunted houses" and told me she'd drop me off if I wanted to go that bad! Obviously I didn't want to do that, I don't want to be alone on our 3 year anniversary :(but she knows I love Halloween ?
I at least thought that she'd plan a special anniversary dinner but that didn't happen. All the food in our house is her aunts food. We don't have anything for sandwiches because everyone ate it all. She's been yelling at me when I tell her how upset I am. She told me our anniversary is postponed until she has money which will be in a few months. And I told her I'm just upset you didn't do anything romantic or anything! I tried suggesting things, even stuff that was free but she said no to everything. 
We thought we could watch movies but she's in such a bad mood now! And I keep seeing people post about their dates and I'm getting so mad.
Am I wrong to be so upset? What can I do? I'm crying alone because she's mad at me now and the night is ruined ?