What to think..

Please dont comment. 
My boyfriend calls me everymorning, and night. Usually at 6 before he starts class. Today, he does not have class, so i asked him to sleep in. Which he NEVER does. He is always up before 9. Well come 10 no call/text. So i called him, no answer. Literally 10 seconds later he calls back and says he just woke up. He didnt sound asleep at all. He didnt have his "morning voice" all guys have.
Then he wasnt being cute at all. He said i love you.. But usually hes calling me 100 cute names, and he always has this happy voice.
Well today he was really happy, but it was different.
We talked about my dream, because i texted him late last night because i had a dream where he cheated on me then hit me.
He said "i would never hit a girl" but he never said anything about cheating. 
I woke up in a TERRIBLE mood so im freaking out over anything. Just wanna hear what other people vote on.

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