Water discharge before AF?

TtcMommyof1 • Wife to a wonderful man ❤️. Mommy to an amazing 6 year old girl 💕. Due 11/8 with a baby boy after 37m ttc💙
I am due for AF tomorrow. I have been Ttc for 11 months, and this is my first month not obsessing, no ovulation tests, and just taking a step back. I feel no typical AF symptoms. I took a wondfo yesterday and it was negative, but I've read they don't necessarily give positives until AFTER your missed period. I've also had TONS of watery/very lightly creamy discharge the last few days (which I usually don't experience). Has anyone had this as a pregnancy symptom? I'm getting a first response to use with my FMU tomorrow, just wondering if anyone else experienced this? Thanks!