New here!

Ashley • TTC #2 since September `14
Hey everyone.. I'm new here. First time TTC, second child though.  First was unplanned 2 months after DH and I got married.  I'm already anxious lol I've never planned/TTC.  
I had my Mirena removed after almost 5 years on Sept 19. (I did have regular periods with Mirena, just a tad lighter flow).  Had either an early, light AF right after, or it was removal bleed?  Then my next AF was October 20 and was light and 4 days. It's hard to start documenting when I'm not sure what's what lol. I've actually already tested, because that was a 30 day cycle which is long for me so of course I was already thinking I was pregnant. But it was negative, then I started 3 days later. But it was super light and only 4 days. 
The irregularities after having Mirena removed is driving me nuts already lol.  I have no idea what to expect next as far as AF so it's hard to figure out ovulation. 
Cookies for whoever read all that! ??