Placental abruption birth/loss

So this last Tuesday, I called the doc in the morning because I had a little spotting. The night before, i foolishly tried moving a few little furniture items and shouldn't have and figured I really pulled somehing. Went for ultrasound next day and they noticed a placental abruption tear, but it was clotted over and you could see the old blood by baby's butt, who was just fine in there. So I was told to go home and continue on as usual and they'd see me at my next appointment. Well I kept bleeding and just really hurt on the bottom left side, which I'm sure is where th abruption is. I called again th next morning because I woke up and my panty liner was jut drenched in blood. Heard back aagain and apparently it's normal to bleed for weeks. Only a concern if it turns bright red. Ok. Next day I felt confuse about everything and just wanted a recap of my appt. they called much later, a diff doc and said to rest, no lifting, sex, etc and I should be ok by Monday. Later that day my pains were there, but they changed into contractions. Apparently contractions are an effect of the placental abruption. So those lasted all afternoon Wednesday and the night on and off. Thursday morning they were like every 5 minute contractions but I figured that's just what u have to deal with to heal. That night I had clear discharge and leaked on my pants. Just didn't think I was in labor so tried dealing more and just breathing through the contractions. Around then they made my hips tingle and felt like I had to pass gas or poop or something. So I had been staying at my parents not feeling good and had them take my 3 year old in their room so I could try sleeping on the couch. I went down stairs and changed my pad and felt kinda like popping. Went to th fridge to get water and something started coming out of my vagina. Hobbled to toilet because whatever it was was getting bigger and coming out fast and pulled my pants down in front of the toilet and seen the shadow of my 17 weeks along child hanging down from the skinny little umbilical cord. Yelled for my mom she came down and panicked and I told her to call 911 and stay away from me and the bathroom. Baby was hidden behind my sweatpants. I said I didn't want to see. The paramedic cut the cord and made it so I seen nothing and they hauled me away in th ambulance to the er to remove the placenta. And I had to have a dnc. Just ya know. I was told I would be fine and all the symptoms are similar. Can't believe I was in labor all day.. At 17 weeks. No wonder I was so miserable. Had the chills on and off. I never thought the cleanish discharge at the end was my water breaking. Just baffled and so lost.