Should I do this for my fiance?

So we have been ttc for a few months. Today we got into an argument because he said he wants to wait a few months and I didnt.
But finally i said i would get on birthcontrol and we would use condoms.
After talking a while he said that if i am pregnant this month, he will be happy and we will raise our baby together.
So I asked him if he would he happy if i start my period and he said "no not at all." 
We talked a bit longer, then finally he said "Baby making is way too stressful. I want to make a baby. But i don't want to know about the right days. I would like to be suprised when you tell me. This is too much. So you figure out the right days, an you have sex with me those days bu dont tell me. Please"
Should I do this?
I feel bad because if I do that i'll feel like im forcing him into fatherhood. Like what if I get pregnant and he thinks I trapped him when I thought he wanted it?
What do you think?